Unto the last

Doing everything possible for the poor

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I have always been fascinated with and believed in the concept of Ram Rajya as mentioned in Sri Ram Charit Manas and have worked, in my limited way, to deliver that. The motto being: ‘नहिं दरिद्र कोई दुखी न दीना’

Two of them are worth mentioning:
  1. Total literacy programme for the working group illiterates. The programme was implemented in campaign mode. We worked day and night for providing basic literacy including reading, writing and arithmetic. Maximum beneficiaries of this were rural poor including tribal youth.
  2. Worked aggressively for providing road connectivity in remote/hilly villages inhabited mostly by tribals.

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In Civil Service, I have realized that having patience with the common man, applicants and stakeholders and listening to them (not just hearing), is a great virtue. 

No wonder, Maa Janaki blessed Hanuman ji with ‘होहु तात बल सील निधाना’. 

No wonder, it is also inscribed as the motto of the Lal Bahadur Shashtri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie as –

'शीलं परं भूषणम’​
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