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Shree A K Sharma National Task In Prime Minister's Office:

As Secretary, MSME, GOI:

Micro, small and Medium Enterprises popularly called as MSMEs have been the backbone of Indian economy. However, in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic, the MSME sector was badly hit.

Our Hon. Prime Minister was quick to recognize the role of MSMEs in building the Nation. That is why MSMEs formed a very prominent part of the announcements made under the Atmanirbhar Bharat package, aimed at reviving the economy post Covid.

During this crisis only, since 30th April 2020, I took over as Secretary, MSME. I made the MSME Ministry to be proactive in helping the small units and businesses of India realize their true potential. Our work has been on four fronts: Handholding, Finance, Technology & Marketing support.

My efforts for MSME sector were:
With this objective, a number of Financial, administrative and technological interventions have been made which have practically brought the MSME sector out from a deep crisis of covid-19.

In particular:

Now, India is Export Ready on most of these items.

Not only on export side, on domestic side also, we had launched an aggressive and innovative social media campaign before the Diwali festival of 2020 to promote local products made by our artisans, small entrepreneurs and MSMEs.

We launched the campaign with the brand of “उजाले इन उम्मीदों के” with the purpose and hash tag of #msmechampions and it was run over a month with videos and messages of around a dozen local products and services made by small artisans. I myself directed and monitored the campaign and wrote its content as well. It was a huge success and became very popular. It has also led to increase in the sale of local products.

With my limited experience, I can also say that our MSME sector has the potential to make India the ‘Factory of the World’

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