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A K Sharma & Kashi COVID Response Center (KCRC)

In a tweet, AK Sharma said that Varanasi provides health care to the entire Purvanchal. Its consolidation was a priority. Also, to make the services of Mau-Azamgarh-Ballia more useful, Sharma is in touch with the Commissioner, DM, Medical College and Health Departments. AK Sharma also said adequate arrangements were made for medicine facilities.

Arvind Sharma said Kashi Covid Response Center (KCRC) is well equipped and dedicated to serve people of Varanasi. KCRC Team launched helpline numbers and Sharma personally reviewed ground level arrangements and instructed officials to be reasonable and compassionate while dealing with public requests. Sharma also urged people to keep the details handy with them and share it to the needy.


AK Sharma teams up with GOI to launch KAVATCH

MLC A K Sharma through his connections in Government of India, made an attempt to collect information about the COVID Vaccination-Testing centers of the districts of Purvanchal through technology and named as “KAVATCHKnowledge & Administration of Vaccination And Treatment for COVID through Hospitals” In pilot mode, KAVATCH was implemented for Mau district and later major districts of Purvanchal such as Varanasi, Azamgarh, Balia, Gazipur & Jaunpur were included. An Android-GIS app of KAVATCH was also launched in later days.

Through adequate coordination with district and state administration, A K Sharma managed to set up COVID Control Rooms in Mau, Azamgarh & Balia District. Sharma shared list of key contacts to reach out in case of symptoms/apprehension along with list of medicines and home remedies for public awareness.

Also, to increase the oxygen facility for the benefit of COVID patients in Purvanchal and according to State Government’s mandate, AK Sharma allocated Rs.25 lakh from his MLC fund to Mau district.




AK Sharma facilitates Kashi Kavatch Programme

With help from Indian Medical Association (IMA), MLC A K Sharma managed to implement a comprehensive system of tele-counselling under the name ‘Kashi-Kavatch’ for all the patients including COVID patients in Varanasi.

The key objective of ‘Kashi-Kavatch’ was to provide accurate medical advice from experience medical professionals and doctors to all the COVID & Non-COVID patients. Arvind Kumar Sharma also appealed to medico/doctors from private sectors to come forward and join in helping the needy people who suffer from COVID in addition to the existing Government System/Doctors. Sharma also appealed to organizations similar to IMA to come forward and contribute their help and support to the patients.


A K Sharma helps Varanasi through CSR collaboration

In IAS Service as the MSME Secretary of India, A K Sharma and MSME Ministry took extraordinary initiatives including special funds to its Technology Centers (TCs) to design products useful in fighting the COVID pandemic. This included pumps for sanitizers, masks, eye shields, etc. Steps taken by Ministry of MSME when AK Sharma was Secretary, resulted in mass local production which lowered the cost of COVID related medical items and auxiliaries including hand sanitizers, masks etc.

AK Sharma’s hands on experience, proficiency in handling ground level situations and robust association with key departments of Government India helped people of Varanasi and entire Purvanchal during the peak of COVID-19 Second Wave. Bureaucrat turned MLC,  Arvind Kumar Sharma, rapidly arranged several crucial medical equipment, enhanced testing facilities and distributed numerous medical kits comprises of all COIVD essentials in Public Health Centers (PHCs), Community Health Centers (CHCs), District Hospitals and other medical facilities of Purvanchal.

With the support of CSR, Government of India and State Administration, AK Sharma & KCRC team jointly managed:

  • HFNC Ventilators in Varanasi & Azamgarh;
  • A 600 LPM Oxygen Plant with PSA Technology in Deen Dayal District Hospital, Varanasi;
  • Large number of Oxygen Concentrators for Varanasi-Mau-Azamgarh-Ballia-Jaunpur-Ghazipur-Chandauli-Mirzapur;
  • Doubling of Testing capacity by replacing human-driven system of RNA extraction with Automated Machines;
  • Several Oximeters to Medical Staff of PHCs & CHCs;
  • COVID Essentials Kits to people of community which includes Steam Inhaler Vaporizer;
  • Generator/DG Sets for uninterrupted Electricity supply in Hospitals.

शिवार्पण ! #कोविडकेकाममें

MLC A K Sharma reviews COVID Preparedness

Ex-Bureaucrat and Member of Legislative Council (MLC) of Uttar Pradesh State, Arvind Kumar Sharma turned out to be a key man of Purvanchal which was significantly hit during second wave of COVID-19. Sharma, the most trusted man of PM Narendra Modi, was initially sent to Varanasi on special mission to handle COVID-19 situation in PM’s constituency. Upon his arrival in Varanasi, AK Sharma quickly acted upon key parameters which can be helpful in management of situation in Varanasi and later in his home district Mau followed by major districts of Purvanchal such as Mau, Azamgarh, Ballia, Gazipur, Jaunpur, Mirzapur, Chandauli.

Apart from making key medical equipment and facilities available in PHCs, CHCs and Rural Facilities, A K Sharma rigorously and dedicatedly worked in service of people on every crucial front avoiding his individual risk of COVID-19 infection.

AK Sharma closely worked with CMO (UP), District Magistrates, Divisional Commissioners, Superintendents of Police, PGI Principle, State & Central Officials and BJP Workers of Purvanchal Districts to extend help for all the people who seek help in fight against COVID-19. In addition to several review meetings through VCs, A K Sharma did not hesitate to travel and inspect ground level preparedness in major districts of Purvanchal i.e. Varanasi, Mau, Azamgarh, Ballia, Gazipur, Jaunpur, Mirzapur, Chandauli.

During site visits in urban and rural areas of East Uttar Pradesh, Sharma appraised all the medical and non-medical front line workers who were working relentlessly in fight against COVID-19.



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