AK Sharma receives grand welcome at Mau

A K Sharma ex IAS and Politician receives grand welcome at Mau –


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This town thinks A K Sharma is ‘Made in Mau’ and this literally moved him. He had so many memories to recall and share about the streets, the vendors, people and the deities. He called people by name and visited the tea-mithai shops of his childhood.

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In a grand reception, people from all over Purvanchal and of all sections had gathered. Similarly, the lawyers of the local court and the district BJP also organized separate receptions. In his speeches, he lamented that progress of Mau has been stalled since several decades. He added that though Modi and Yogi Governments are doing their best for development, the deficit and the ditch is so deep that it requires a major pull and push.

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He promised that he will do his best to realize what he pronounced as the blessing of local Deity: ‘शीतला माई का वरदान, मऊ में आये फिर मुस्कान’ |

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